Top Vulnerability Assessment tools for 2024

Pallavi Vishwakarma
April 2, 2024

Vulnerability scanners are useful tools that look for and report on any known flaws in the IT infrastructure of a company. Every firm can gain from the straightforward yet essential security practice of using a vulnerability scanner. By providing information about potential security flaws in the environment, these scans can provide an organization an indication of the security challenges they may be facing. 

A vulnerability assessment tool informs a company about any security flaws in its environment. It is needed for compliance, infosec audit, etc.

The top 10 Vulnerability Assessment tools for 2023 are

  1. SecOps Solution
  2. OpenVAS vulnerability scanner
  3. Intruder
  4. Tripwire IP360
  5. Nessus vulnerability scanner
  6. Nexpose community
  7. Nikto
  8. Wireshark
  9. Qualys
  10. Vulnerability Manager Plus

          1. SecOps Solution

SecOps provides enterprise-wide, workload-deep security and compliance for applications, infrastructure, and cloud - without the gaps in coverage, alert fatigue, and operational costs of agents. They use proprietary context-based risk identification and patching technology to prioritize the vulnerabilities that have the maximum impact on your organization’s business.

The solution offers cloud, container, and mobile app security as well as features vulnerability management, security audits, and compliance assessments. It also integrates with other business tools like Slack and email apps to improve vulnerability scanning. Moreover, the solution provides IT admins with context-based security assessments to reduce cyber incidents and false positives.

          2. OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner

OpenVAS is an open-source vulnerability scanner maintained by Greenbone Networks. The OpenVAS vulnerability scanner is a thorough vulnerability analysis tool that will enable IT, teams, to scan servers and network devices.

Additionally, its performance can be adjusted appropriately to support extensive scans. The comprehensive internal programming language that OpenVas uses makes it simpler to launch any kind of vulnerability test.

OpenVAS is good for independent bug bounty hunters but not good for startups since it's open-source, it's a legacy too, and requires too much configuration. Skilled Security analysts are only able to Extract the full potential of the platform.

         3. Intruder

Intruder’s external vulnerability scanner includes proactive checks for emerging threats.  Therefore, Intruder automatically analyses your system and notifies you of any newly discovered vulnerabilities once a vulnerability in software installed on your perimeter is found.

In this, you can automatically synchronize with your cloud environments and receive proactive notifications when exposed ports and services change throughout your estate.

The intruder is suitable for enterprise-level vulnerability scanning and it is quite easy to integrate the Intruder with your CI/CD pipeline. However, the continuous scanning and feedback features lose the edge owing to the lack of remediation support and weak reports. 

         4. Tripwire IP360

Tripwire IP360 is a scalable vulnerability scanner that can scan both agentless and agent-based assets, as well as the whole environment of an organization.

Additionally, it integrates with risk management and vulnerability management, enabling IT administrators and security experts to approach security management holistically.

Only runs on Linux/*Nix, and requires at least intermediate Linux administration proficiency, as no corporate support is available, some useful advanced features are not available in the open-source version, and no real-time alerts also the System Performance may be affected, and pricing suits only Enterprises.

         5. Nessus vulnerability scanner

Nessus Professional from Tenable works for security experts, handling patching, software difficulties, malware, adware removal tool, and misconfigurations throughout a wide range of operating systems and applications.

By spotting vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them to break into a network, Nessus implements a proactive security technique. It also addresses remote code execution problems.

It does not generate any graphical reports and pricing is also a bit of a concern. It can be used by educators, students for educational purposes, or even your home office (up to 16 IPs).

          6. Nexpose community

The open-source Nexpose Website Vulnerability Scanner is a tool for scanning vulnerabilities and performing several network checks.

Nexpose gathers information in real-time to continuously offer a live view of an organization's dynamic network. This vulnerability scanner created its own risk score scale of 1-1000 in order to provide more nuance as the CVSS risk score scale is 1-10. It considers elements including the vulnerability's age and publicly available exploits and malware kits.

However, It doesn’t have an associated patch manager and has a crowded UI also some users find it difficult to understand the reports.

         7. Nikto

Nikto2 is an open-source web scanner that runs extensive tests to find potentially harmful vulnerabilities. By confirming a found vulnerability before it is disclosed, the tool lowers the probability of false positives.

Nikto aids in comprehending how servers work, keeping track of their versions, testing web servers for malware and dangers, and scanning various protocols including HTTPS, HTTPD, HTTP, and more.

Nikto is open-source with no community support which is not suitable for enterprises and also has no GUI interface and doesn’t provide and development and support team and it won’t work without a paid vulnerability list

          8. Wireshark

A sizable number of security testers utilize the well-known and freely accessible network packet analyzer Wireshark.

It is employed by numerous enterprises, organizations, the healthcare sector, and other industries to thoroughly assess its network. When Wireshark spots a threat, it shuts off everything to study it.

However, Wireshark has a noisy interface and most of the time requires admins privileges. It is mostly used by educators and cybersecurity professionals to trace connections.

          9. Qualys

Qualys, a scanning solution renowned for its versatility and wide range of scanning capabilities, can scan various systems from a single interface, including internal networks and cloud settings. Users can design unique reports that prioritize and segment analytical data. For more nimble vulnerability management, these reports can be created automatically or on demand. Although the program is cutting-edge, the user interface is quite difficult to use and is better suited to highly technical individuals.

Organizations can manage their cloud security quickly and easily with the use of QualysGuard, which comprises an integrated application.

Qualys have an outdated graphical interface which it becomes difficult to find things in the management also it does not have any features for scanning SCADA, IoT, and Industrial Control Systems and there is a need for better documentation and reports.

It is mostly used by small to medium businesses, consultants, and managed service providers.

         10. Vulnerability Manager Plus

It offers attacker-based analytics so network administrators can examine current vulnerabilities from the viewpoint of a hacker.

Other features of Vulnerability Manager Plus include automatic scans, impact assessments, software risk assessments, security misconfigurations, patching, zero-day vulnerability mitigation scanners, and Web Server Penetration Testing & Hardening.

It is quite expensive and vulnerability patches are not auto-approved you have to do it manually for patches to be approved. It is mostly used by enterprises.

SecOps Solution is an award-winning agent-less Full-stack Vulnerability and Patch Management Platform that helps organizations identify, prioritize and remediate security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in seconds.

To schedule a demo, just pick a slot that is most convenient for you.

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