Strengthening Web3 Security for GetCogni, a Global Fin-tech and Crypto Company

Discover how GetCogni, a global fintech and crypto company, strengthened their Web3 security measures. Explore the challenges faced in securing their platform and the proactive steps taken to enhance their security posture. Learn about the strategies, technologies, and best practices implemented to safeguard sensitive financial and crypto assets in the dynamic Web3 landscape.

Web3 domain is a term that refers to the decentralized web, also known as the blockchain-based web. It is a new kind of web that aims to shift the current centralized model to a decentralized one, where data is stored in a distributed manner across multiple nodes. In the web3 domain, users have more control over their data and transactions, and there is a greater emphasis on privacy and security. This domain is mainly associated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and it aims to provide a more open, transparent, and secure internet.

GetCogni is a global Fin-tech and Crypto company that operates on a web3 domain, a highly sensitive application that few people know about or have expertise in securing. The company's product is used worldwide, and it handles highly sensitive information. As a result, security is a top priority for the company.


Cogni faced several challenges when it came to web3 security:

  • Not many people are aware of web3 security, and not many companies specialize in providing web3 security solutions. This made it difficult for Cogni to find a company that could cater to their unique needs.
  • Cogni's product is highly sensitive, and it required a high level of security measures for its customers. Being a global fintech company, they also had to comply with several regulations, making it even more challenging to maintain the required level of security.
  • Cogni faced the challenge of gaining the assurance of their financial bank partners, who required assurance that Cogni had the right cybersecurity tools in place.

How SecOps solution Helped Cogni?

The SecOps solution team worked with Cogni to ensure they had the right infrastructure and application-level vulnerability protection and addressed their security concerns. 

SecOps Solution implemented a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management tool that helped GetCogni to identify, assess, and remediate security vulnerabilities in real-time. This tool provided a centralized view of all security vulnerabilities across GetCogni's entire infrastructure, which helped to reduce the volume of notifications and allowed the team to concentrate on urgent problems that could result in a security incident or data breach.

To address Cogni's unique web3 security requirements, SecOps performed a full-stack security assessment without interrupting the operational and production systems and without installing agents. They also prioritized risks based on context and resolved them without affecting the production environment.

Having Vulnerability management tool in place also helped GetCogni to achieve compliance with industry regulations and demonstrate their controls to auditors. This was especially important for GetCogni, given their status as a global fintech company, which required them to adhere to strict regulatory requirements.


By working with SecOps solution, Cogni was able to overcome the challenges they faced in web3 security. They now have a robust security system in place that ensures their customers are protected at all times.

Additionally, Cogni's financial bank partners gained assurance that the company had the right cybersecurity tools in place to protect their data. With the SecOps solution, Cogni is now able to meet the regulatory requirements and demonstrate the necessary controls to auditors, which was a significant requirement for a global fintech company like Cogni.

Overall, having a Vulnerability management tool in place was successful in providing a comprehensive web3 security solution that met all the requirements of Cogni's highly sensitive application.

We want to express our admiration for the cogni tech team for acting on the identified security vulnerabilities and remediating them at a blazing speed.

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