Securing Sensitive Health Data: A Case Study on Savein's Compliance Journey

Discover how Savein successfully secured sensitive health data through a comprehensive compliance journey. Explore the challenges they faced, the strategies implemented, and the outcomes achieved. Gain valuable insights into best practices for safeguarding healthcare information and ensuring regulatory compliance. Learn from Savein's experience to strengthen your organization's data security and compliance efforts in the healthcare industry.

Savein is a health tech company based in India that offers a mobile and website app for customers to manage their health-related data. As a company dealing with sensitive customer data, it is essential to ensure that its app is secure and compliant with the regulatory standards set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). To achieve this, Savein partnered with SecOps Solution, a leading cybersecurity company, to implement a comprehensive security solution.


The main challenge that Savein faced was:

  • The need to comply with RBI regulations regarding the security of customer data. 
  • To comply with these regulations, Savein needed to obtain certain certificates and reports that proved their app's security. 
  • As a health tech company, Savein deals with sensitive customer data, and securing this data was a top priority. 
  • Additionally, Savein's focus on mobile and website apps meant that they needed a comprehensive security solution that would protect their customer data across different platforms.

How SecOps solution Helped Savien?

SaveIn partnered with SecOps Solution which helped them to get a comprehensive security solution that included certification and reports, ensuring compliance with RBI regulations. The solution also secured the customer data and provided assurance that the mobile and website apps were protected against cyber threats.

SecOps Solution's approach to security is unique. They provide tailored security solutions that are customized to the client's specific needs. The solution provided SaveIn with a range of services that helped them secure their mobile and website apps. These services included:

1. Compliance:

SecOps Solution ensured that SaveIn was compliant with the RBI regulations. The company provided SaveIn with the necessary certifications and reports, ensuring that they met the standards set by the regulatory body.

2. Risk-Based Vulnerability Management:

SecOps Solution implemented a risk-based vulnerability management tool that helped SaveIn to monitor and identify security issues in real time. The tool also provided recommendations on how to mitigate these issues, ensuring that SaveIn's customer data remained secure.

3. Mobile and Web Application Security:

SecOps Solution and SaveIn collaborated to implement a comprehensive security solution for SaveIn's mobile and web applications, ensuring that sensitive customer data was protected and the applications were secure from cyber threats. 


With SecOps solution and SaveIn together efforts have helped them to achieve their cybersecurity goals. The solution provided SaveIn with the expertise and tools needed to secure their mobile and website apps, ensuring that their clients' health-related data remained secure. The certification and reports provided by SecOps Solution ensured that SaveIn met the RBI regulations, giving their clients peace of mind that their data was in safe hands. The vulnerability management tool helped SaveIn to monitor and track security issues in real-time, allowing them to patch vulnerabilities before they could be exploited.

As a Health tech company, it is critical that SaveIn maintains a robust cybersecurity system. With the help of SecOps Solution, SaveIn was able to achieve this, and their clients can trust that their data is in safe hands.

We want to express our admiration for the Savein team for acting on the identified security vulnerabilities and remediating them at a blazing speed.

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